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When it comes to watching your favourite movie or shows, and if it gets interrupted, then it becomes actually very annoying and of course, this can be happening with Kodi media player too.

Whenever it’s about watching a movie on Kodi, well, we Kodi users generally know that Kodi keeps stopping and it has actually got some solutions and methods that will actually solve the problem for sure.

Of course, it is quite annoying that the media player stops when we are actually want to watch a movie or when you want to actually stream online though. However, there we have got plenty of solutions to it, and one of them is what we are going to discuss about it.

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Have you ever heard about the video hosting companies or video hosts that are available on the internet? Yes, there are tons of such hosts that actually help the video streaming apps and software to work at ease, and of course, you know that Kodi keeps stopping due to some of the other issues though.

However, many Kodi add-ons developers have actually done video scrapping and then host from these servers through all the scripts and the codes. Well, these servers might be actually not perfect or probably causing some errors when using with Kodi, especially the, and hence here we have mentioned the entire detail of this particular video hosting server.

What exactly is?

Well, before we get into some in-depth detail about the pair, let’s get to know the pair itself and what exactly it is! I had already mentioned that pair is the video host servers that allows you to watch movies and shows and which ultimately lets you stream online on Kodi. is the biggest and the most preferred server that actually has a lot of video clips and files. However, pairing is important as it actually useful that helps you to get access to loads of requests and this is exactly the reason why the video hosting companies ask the users to pair the device.

However, these pairing actually require authorization to stream online and that would make watching the videos pretty much easier for sure. This will actually give some great experience to the users and the online viewers watching videos online.

However, now you have all known about the pair that you can simply use for the better streaming experience though.

Well, the pairing service may sometimes cause issues when you are pairing up with your device though. Hence, in case if you are facing any issues with the pair on the Kodi device then here we have got some methods and solutions that would simply fix the issue on your Kodi device without causing any further issues and troubles for sure.

Fix pair stream authorization on Kodi device

Here we have got the authorization streaming service on the pairing with the Kodi device, and of course, there are these solutions and methods that you can simply use and you can follow these methods and steps to fix the pairing for sure.

Official website:

VPN Enabling

Well, this is actually the first method that should be used to fix the streaming authorization on a Kodi device. However, this is actually applicable when you are using a VPN on the Kodi device.

  • Then yes, you have to first enable the VPN and then only it will help you to fix the pairing service.
  • Later, to enable the VPN you have to select the location of your VPN and then try connecting to the device with the same VPN, and of course, the VPN service is highly secured and encrypted for sure, so there is no worry on safety though.
  • VPN helps in best user experience serving a well-maintained and zero buffering online streaming experience for your video watching moments.

Web Browser

With a highly encrypted and secure web browser, you can again fix the pairing issues on your Kodi device without any further damage or without disturbing the stats of Kodi device. on kodi

  • Well, in case if you want to pair up with the Kodi device, all you have to do is the open the HTML5 that would be supported by the web browser in your PC.
  • You can use any web browser, Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera Browser, and Safari, almost all the web browser works the best with Kodi and pairing services for sure.

This is actually the most important step wherein you can pair the Kodi device with the VPN enables for sure. However, you might probably get some error when connecting with the pair and with the Kodi device though.

  • Streaming authorization issues when using the streaming link and then this you can pair up with any of the devices without any issues or troubles for sure.
  • Of course, you can pair up with any of the devices to both the servers and can be accessed with the blocked URL for sure. pair and vidup me


Now, this would be the next step when you actually have to activate the streaming services on your Kodi device for sure.

  • Once you are done with the streaming activation and this is actually related with the IP address for sure and it can be surely paired with the pairing for sure.
  • This will help you to access the video files and clips on the Kodi device, and that has to be done in every 4 hours for sure. However, this is how it can be activated in the Kodi device with the pairing.

Vidup pair


Well, you have all known about the pairing with your Kodi devices though, however, there can be issues and errors when you are actually trying to connect it with your Kodi device, but let me tell you, you can simply follow all the above-mentioned steps and methods that would help you to connect the with the device without causing any troubles for sure.